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Cherish This Day: July 12

This is the first time I’ve shot photos of my buddy with my camera since April when I did the studio shots withMore »

Cherish This Day – November 3

Big news here!  Meet Indy, aka “Indiana Jones,” (or “Indiana Bones” if you ask my husband!),More »

Cherish This Day: October 20

Do you ever look out your window and nature just stops you in your tracks?  I love living where we live now because nowMore »

Cherish This Day: October 06

She has brought so much life to our household.  Sometimes she has the “Midnight crazies” and other timesMore »

Cherish This Day: July 14

North End Boston summer eve, July 2015.  There is something so magical about this time of evening, especially when youMore »

Cherish This Day: June 16

This image is something I’ve had in my mind for quite awhile.  Not the best photo since I took this with myMore »

Cherish This Day: June 2

I guess I’m a sucker for daddy and baby pics.  Not the best picture of Donovan but I love this photo of myMore »

Cherish This Day: May 19

It’s been a long time since I participated in Cherish this Day‘s posts. Feels good to contribute again!More »

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