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Photo by Miranda Parker Photography

Photo by Miranda Parker Photography

I LIVE WITH MY HUSBAND DAVID & OUR DOGS Nova (an Alaskan Malamute), Indy and Gemma (Australian Shepherds), our cats Mason & Luna, and our chickens in the countryside. I am a doTERRA advocate and educator as well as a companion animal practice veterinarian.  I love camping, kayaking, hiking, classic cars, Jeepin, pets (of course!), coffee, gelato, Italian food, traveling, Italy (though I’ve never been there!), jeans and knit hats, my cowboy boots, a good laugh, dry red wines and sharp provolone cheese, Calvin & Hobbes, reading, music like Jack Johnson, learning guitar, mowing the lawn (really!), and a breath of fresh air.

I STARTED USING doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS (EO) when my cousin Misty reached out to me because I was dealing with eczema and not finding results with traditional routes. DoTERRA EO and the Lifelong Vitality Supplements helped support my gut health and skin after suffering for 7 long months before I turned to natural options. I also use oils for mood management, natural cleaning in my home, and supporting my immune system.

I SHARE HOW high quality essential oils like DoTerra can safely play an integral role in overall wellness and health. I also believe in DoTerra’s company morals, their active participation in what’s called Co-Impact Sourcing- providing jobs for people across the globe and sourcing their oils from where the plants grow naturally- and their commitment to scientific research as they partner with world renowned medical facilities to complement modern medicine. Read more at

ASK ME TODAY how DoTerra essential oils and wellness solutions can positively impact your life and wellness!

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