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Cherish This Day: July 12


This is the first time I’ve shot photos of my buddy with my camera since April when I did the studio shots with him in the chair (iPhone doesn’t count, but it is a daily occurrence on Instagram!  @indy.the.aussie).  I wanted to capture the day exactly as he was then – a special day.  Indy passed his AKC CGC (Canine Good Citizenship) test at 10 months of age.  He got his AKC STAR at 15 weeks of age.  Next we are going for therapy dog certification, after he turns a year of age.  Then we can do visitations and hopefully participate in a reading program at the local library or schools.  I know he would love it and do awesome at it!  (Albeit, he is a bit energetic at this age, but we manage!).

This is what I have been putting my energy into lately.  My family and my marriage and my garden – the year of focusing on things that have been patiently in the background of two consuming jobs.  This is my first year for a vegetable garden – I tell you, I love it.  I had forgotten how much I love being outside, my hands in the earth; for me, it is therapeutic.  There’s something about it that is grounding.  You will see that I have cut WAY back on my sessions this year so I can still devote complete time to the sessions I have taken on.  We will see how this year goes and next year I have plans to likely go back to most of the load that I had in years past, depending.  If I had to turn you down this year, I am sincerely sorry, but I limited myself greatly (ie- one session per month max) for reasons stated above and others.  Photography for me was never about the income, although that had its perks of course.  For me, it was an extension of my soul, my art being an expression of my vision.  But when life becomes too busy and your doctor tells you that it’s stress that’s affecting you, something has to give.  Being a vet and caring for everyone else, furry and human, is stressful, spending my free time doing something I love was an outlet for me, until it became too much time “go, go, go.”  It’s not just shooting the sessions – it’s prepping, editing, meetings, ordering sessions, packaging, marketing, blogging, social media, submitting to magazines / blogs, updating websites and marketing materials, etc etc.  I still love it and am going to do it, but it has done my soul good this last month not doing much but working at the vet clinic and puttering around in my garden and training Indy and hanging out with my husband in the garage while he tinkers on something (something I used to do all the time when we first dated, but before this summer, I hadn’t done much in the last 5 years) and seeing more of our families more.

What I am trying to say is I am finding my balance.  I want to say I am grateful for how quickly my business has grown and all the love and support you all have shown me.  It’s amazing to me – that you would love what I do as much as I love what I do!  Choosing me as your photographer and getting to know all of my clients so well, many of us becoming friends, sharing in this special time and all the emotion that goes with it, has been one of my greatest experiences.  And it’s not something I’m willing to give up yet.  Just cutting back so I can have time for everything and give the time to each of my clients so I can create beautiful photos and capture memories for them.

What I love about this photo of Indy is I feel it captures him in his “happy go lucky glad to be alive” state.  It inspires me to want to live my life more simply- each day is a new adventure.  The freedom to JUST BE in the moment is true happiness for a dog – no looking to the future or the past.  This guy is a constant source of happiness for me – my shadow, goes nearly everywhere with me, and can sense every feeling of the people he is around.  This is one reason I think he will make a fantastic therapy dog- he is a cuddler, loving to a fault, funny, silly, and good energy.  So this is my Cherish This Day, today.  Cherish what your heart is telling you.  And Cherish those who inspire you.

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